Uvita ASADA gets white flag

The public water facility ASADA gets White Flag

Uvita ASADA, which provides water for over 700 families (approximately 3000 people) in the area, was awarded the white flag from the Costa Rica water institution called Acueductos y Alcantarillados (AyA).  In order to receive the award, Uvita ASADA had to complete an analysis that required four visits by members of AyA in one year.  The Uvita ASADA also presented a full report about the conditions of the aqueduct, including streams, tanks, conduction lines, and their education and environment programs.  Uvita ASADA plans to continue improving their services and infrastructure to obtain the highest award of six stars.  In order to achieve six stars the Uvita ASADA should label tanks and install hydrants amongst other works.
Adapted from South Pacific News

History of the UVITA aqueduct

In 1985 the Uvita community started organizing itself to form a Rural Aqueduct Committee.  Several years later the need for increasing the size of the Rural Aqueduct became apparent and in 1996 the committee becomes an Aqueduct Administrative Association.  In 1999 the technical studies for the construction of a new aqueduct take into account the growth of Uvita and Bahia and a new aqueduct development project takes form.  After many years of hard work the Uvita aqueduct is officially inaugurated in 2006.  Since then the Uvita ASADA has worked diligently to protect the watersheds along the coastal mountains.

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