Responsible Tourism Practices

Bahia Aventuras plays an active role in leading the community of Uvita – Bahia Ballena in the implementation of best practices for sustainable marine tourism and responsible community development.
The Bahia Aventuras classroom facilitates marine education trainings and hosts workshops for the community from various organizations such as:
The University of Denver-Professional MBA Program
Thinking Beyond Borders
Rustic Pathways
Fundacion Integral Campesina (FINCA)
Fundacion Keto
Grupo Siempre Unidos para Reforzar Nuestro Futuro (SURF)
Fundacion CRUSA
Global Journey Inc.
and many more.

At Bahia Aventuras we play an active role in leading the community of Uvita – Bahia Ballena in the implementation of best practices for sustainable marine tourism and responsible community development. We recycle our motor oil, plastics, glass, paper, and aluminum, and support the local school recycle program, and collaborate with Marino Ballena National Park park rangers and officials in conservation and community service projects.  Bahia Aventuras is an active member in the local marine tour operators association.

Bringing Different Cultures Together

Our tours and community service projects bring people together in interactions that allow travelers to experience the real culture and lifestyles of the local people.  Through these interactions we enhance people-to-people understanding and grow friendships between people of different countries, languages, cultures, religions, socio-ecnomic classes and political outlooks with an emphasis on equality among all humans regardless of personal circumstances.

Enhancing the Quality of Life of Community Members

We support local providers of services for housing, transportation, food, entertainment, arts and crafts, etc. to enhance the quality of life for the everyday people of Uvita – Bahia Ballena.  We organize hands-on activities for visitors and are committed to implementing special community service projects with different organizations.

Environmental Education Programs

Through creating environmental awareness and education opportunities for community members we help to protect against destruction and promote activities that help to clean up and restore environmental balance and a healthy eco-system.  We believe in supporting the efforts of people who use natural resources wisely and in a sustainable way.

Marine Tourism Best Practices

With the KETO Foundation, and the Association of Marine Tour Operators of the Marino Ballena National Park, we helped to develop the standards for Responsible Marine Tourism Practices. Through many meetings, discussions, and trainings, drafts of the standards were developed, reviewed, and revised in a consensus-building process.Then Bahia Aventuras obtained the certification for the best marine practices in this program called “Sea Star System Costa Rica “. ( we obtained the maximum of 3 stars).This program tested in the field  the standards for Planning of Boat Tours, Boat Maintenance, training of the Captains and gSEA STAR SISTEMuides, Community Responsibility, Navigation, Whale watching, Snorkeling and Scuba Diving.   We are constantly implementing the rigorous standards to achieve the most Responsible Operation of Marine Tourism possible, and continue providing visitors the best and most sustainable boat and nature tours in Uvita – Bahia Ballena, Osa, Costa Rica.If want to check the Sea Star System program you can visit

 CST – Sustainability program

We are certified with Level 4 by the  program called CST Marine – Coastal ,created by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), which is an important tool that certifies the operation of private tourism businesses. This program provides levels 1 to 5 according to the degree to which the operation of the business model approaches to environmental sustainability, operational efficiency and social projection.

logo-cst-367Apart from encouraging companies, the Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST)
1. Ensure proper use of our natural resources and cultural
2. Improving the quality of life in local communities
3. The contribution to national development programs.

We are proud to contribute  with  a better quality of life for our employees and support even more to the conservation of our natural resources. If want to know more about our sustainability efforts please email us to