Punta Uvita

Punta UvitaThe extraordinary geological formation commonly called Punta Uvita or the Whale Tail is a magical place to visit.  Some people have referred to this natural phenomenon as “Moses Passage” when at low tide the ocean recedes and a 600 meter long sand passage opens up.  Punta Uvita is located at the northern part of the Marino Ballena National Park.  Apparently there are two ocean currents, one from the southeast and the other from the northwest that help form this natural passage.  Punta Uvita can be enjoyed during low tide for approximately 3 hours, but when the tide comes up, the passage disappears and becomes submerged.  It is a 25 minute walk from the main park entrance.  From high in the sky or from mountain views Punta Uvita clearly resembles a whale tail.  In Costa Rica there are no other places like “Moses Passage”, and some say that there are only 10 other locations in the world similar to Punta Uvita.

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